This lightweight moisturiser contains Astaxanthin, DNA-correcting enzyme, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A,C and E and is made with special oils that absorb super quickly, making it ideal for oily and combination skins. The big bonus is the added enzymes that counter DNA damage and prevent aging and wrinkles.

Lamelle Nourish Revitalize Lite

  • Lamelle NOURISH

    Nourish is a complete age-preventing skin range made up of a potent mix of the best and most precise antioxidants that protects your skin cells, cell structure and boosts your immune system. Pioneering DNA damage-correcting enzyme help repair recent DNA damage caused by free radicals. Nourish maintains youthful skin and halts aging skins at any age. Nourish is specifically designed to help maintain your body’s defences and prevent future damage.

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