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Price List

We are a medical practice and as such strive to offer you treatments that actually have proven benefits for the condition/s being treated and at affordable prices. The cost of each form of treatment varies widely as does the number of treatment sessions required to optimally treat the condition. Please note that it is not always possible to give you precise treatment prices without properly assessing the extent of the problem and determining the most effective form of treatment/s for it. The price list offers you an indication of the costs involved in a treatment at CapeMAC, listed prices are a guide to the procedure costs. The final fee/costs for the procedure will be discussed with you at your consultation. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with Dr Bagwandeen who will further assess your concerns and suggest an appropriate plan specific for you.We hope that the information contained in the price list is of assistance to you and hope to see you soon at CapeMAC so that we can assist you further.



Chemical Peels

Lamelle Lactifirm 90/10                                                   R710.00

Lamelle Retistore                                                           R1,000.00

Lamelle Retistore Plus                                                     R1,180.00

Lamelle Beta Plus 20%                                                      R690.00

Lamelle Beta 20%                                                           R710.00

Lamelle Beta 30%                                                           R700.00

Lamelle Azeac                                                                R710.00

NeoStrata Glycolic 20%                                                   R710.00

NeoStrata Glycolic 35%                                                   R710.00

NeoStrata Glycolic 50% (Body only)                                   R810.00

NeoStrata Glycolic 70% (Body only)                                   R810.00

NeoStrata Retinol                                                          R1,250.00



Dermapen                                                                    R1,520.00

Dermapen with Retinol serum                                           R1,700.00

Dermapen with Growth Factor serums (Endocare x 2)           R1,700.00

Dermapen with Hyla Active 3D Mask                                R1,650.00

Pixal Peel (Dermapen with TCA peel)                                 R2,300.00

Über Pro Peel                                                                R1,970.00

ADD ON Chest Über Pro Peel                                          R   250.00      


Chemical Peel Package x 6 (excluding Retinol)                    R3,240.00

Retinol Chemical Peel Package x 6                                   R4,250.00

Dermapen x 4 sessions                                                   R5,168.00

Dermapen x 4 sessions with retinol serum                           R5,780.00

Dermapen x 4 sessions with

Growth Factor serums (Endocare x 2)                                R5,780.00

Dermapen x 6 sessions                                                   R7,296.00

Dermapen x 6 sessions with retinol serum                           R7,140.00

Dermapen x 6 sessions with

Growth Factor serums (Endocare x 2)                                R7,140.00

Dermapen x 3 sessions + Chemical Peel x 3 Package         R5,686.50

Tattoo Removal

Costing of this treatment will be determined during your consultation with Dr Bagwandeen.

For more information or if you have any queries please give us a call on 021 911 1033 or send an email to

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