Liposuction is a relatively safe and effective, minimally-invasive surgical procedure that removes excess fat tissue from different sites on the body, thereby improving overall body contour. It is NOT a weight reduction procedure.

At CapeMAC, we use a specific power-assisted device called the “Euromi” Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) to ensure quick, effective and safe results.

Gone are the days when going under the knife was the only way to increase or change the size of the face, breasts, buttocks, calves, etc. Natural fat transfer, or body augmentation, is growing in popularity as it is an alternative to implants and gives a natural-looking enhancement! Fat transfer, otherwise known as fat grafting, takes fat from one area of the body, where we do not want the fat or can spare it, and moves it to another area of the body, where we do want it.


It is a redistribution of fat with the purpose to augment or fill volume-deficient areas. As the tissue is coming from the same patient that it is being transferred to, fat transfer is often referred to as “autologous fat transfer”. (Autologous means cells or tissues obtained from the same individual.) Fat transferred is the ideal filler to add volume where it is desired as it is a relatively safe, long-lasting, and well-tolerated procedure that achieves natural-looking results.*.

The Liposuction Procedure

The areas of the body that most patients request liposuction for include the abdomen, the thighs, calves and ankles, buttocks, love handles, the neck and the back, as well as the arms. However, various other affected areas and just about anywhere on the body can be treated. Please note, however, that excess body fat is usually stored as deposits within fat cells, between the skin and outer muscle layers. Fat deposits stored inside the abdomen and around the internal organs cannot be removed with Liposuction.

Through new innovative designs and minimally to non-invasive techniques, we are now able to practice safer, yet effective Liposuction*. The liposuction procedure done at CapeMAC is performed under local anaesthesia and conscious (mild to moderate) sedation. You are given a sedative to calm you down (depending on your level of anxiety) and then anaesthetic fluid containing adrenaline (epinephrine) and lidocaine is slowly infused into the fat layer to be treated. The anaesthetic fluid numbs the areas to be treated and also helps to ‘emulsify’ the fat, thereby ensuring easier removal of the tissue. It also helps to minimise post-operative bruising and bleeding.

The liposuction procedure is done in a theatre setting. The procedure commonly takes between 1 and 3 hours to complete – depending on the area being treated and the volume of fat that can be removed. Since there is no general anaesthetic used and the liposuction procedure is minimally invasive, no hospital stay is required and you can be discharged soon after the procedure. Patients are usually up and about within a few hours and can even be back at work on the following day (depending on the nature of your work and extent of the liposuction procedure) and be fully recovered within two weeks*. You will be given adequate pain medication and a prophylactic course of antibiotics after the procedure. You will also be given a follow-up consultation with the Doctor for a day later and then routinely followed-up.

After the procedure, a suitable compression garment will have to be used continuously (day and night) for the first 14 to 21 days, and then only at night for up to 6 weeks afterwards*. Pressure garments are used to compress the treated area in order to prevent swelling and bruising and to smooth out the treated area. This is a very important part of the treatment and is crucial towards achieving a good final result. Final results are seen between 3 to 6 months after the liposuction procedure, once all the healing has settled.*

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We hope that this helps you understand a little more about Liposuction and assists you in making a better choice for your aesthetic treatments. To find out if Liposuction is the right treatment option for you, please contact us at Cape Medical Aesthetics Centre. Also, if you might still feel anxious about the use of Liposuction, Dr Manoj Bagwandeen will be glad to discuss any queries and questions you may have. You are welcome to visit with us at CapeMAC in Plattekloof, Cape Town for more information and to get further advice on looking and feeling even better.

* Please note individual results may vary. Results are not guaranteed.