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Why should I schedule my Chemical Peels in winter?

Chemical Peel Procedure

Temperatures are decreasing but that doesn't mean your skincare regime needs to. In fact, you should be adding on extra steps, such as Chemical Peels, to keep your skin healthy and nourished during winter!

Why are Chemical Peels so Beneficial?

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the skin and removing the dead skin cells on the surface layer. This reveals the brighter, new skin below and can therefore also assist in lightening sun spots, age spots and even acne scars. By treating your skin with a Chemical Peel at least once a month you are not only keeping your skin healthy but also allowing it to absorb moisturizers and serums better, which is highly necessary for winter as your skin does dry out quicker.

Why is winter the best time for Chemical Peels?

Although there are clouds in the sky and you don't feel exposed to the Sun's harmful rays, they are still very much there in winter. This being said, you are more likely to be indoors and away from UV rays for longer periods during the colder months. This allows your skin to heal better after a Chemical Peel treatment and is, therefore, better prepared for the next Chemical Peel as well as any skincare treatment you do afterwards.

How do I ensure my skin is properly cared for after my Chemical Peel?

At CapeMAC we always ensure that you are properly prepared to look after your skin once your treatment is completed at our premises. 3 main products are required to prolong the benefits of your Chemical Peel and they include:

Barrier Cream – Barrier creams help to intensely hydrate skin and protect your skin from irritants and debris.

Cleanser – By using a good cleanser you are not only keeping your skin free from bacteria and dirt but you are ensuring that the newly exposed layer remains healthy for longer.

Sunblock – A good sunblock protects your skin from harsh UV rays that you are exposed to in both summer and winter. This is so important when looking after your skin as sun damage attributes to over 60% of your skin's ageing.

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For more information on the Chemical Peels that we offer at CapeMAC, do not hesitate to give us a call on 021 911 1033 or send us an email at

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