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What is it exactly that we offer at CapeMAC?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

What is it exactly that we offer at CapeMAC and how can our services be of benefit to you?

At CapeMAC we offer medical treatments performed by appropriately trained Doctors. The treatment options typically fit in between the more superficial ‘beauty treatments’ that you get at a so-called medi-spa and the more invasive surgical treatments carried out by plastic surgeons.

CapeMAC offers an array of non-invasive, or minimally invasive treatment options like Wrinkle Reducing Injections/Anti Frown Injections, Fillers, Non-surgical Facelifts, Deep Laser, Peeling, Cellulite Treatment and Skin Tightening, Liposuction/Liposculpture, Body Augmentation and Hair Transplants. All of which are proven to enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. We can be of service for a range of general health, skin and cosmetic problems – all of which are effective for just about anyone – regardless of your age, your skin type or your gender. Further details on the different treatment options you can find below and on our website or directly at CapeMAC.

CapeMAC offers treatment options for:

Facial Lines and Wrinkles Facial line and wrinkle reduction using . Injections with e.g. Botulinum toxin; such as BOTOX® or DYSPORT®, . Dermal fillers (Restylane®, Teoxsyal® and ELLANSE®), . Deep laser treatments (CO2 YouLaser, Nd:Yag Lasers and IPL devices) and . Medical peeling procedures (Glycolic peels, AHA peels and ‘CosmoPeels’), all the way to . Concealed skin threads / sutures for non-surgical face lifts (PDO and SILHOUETTE thread lifts).

Skin Conditions Skin conditions such as uneven pigmentation (dark patches), old scars, stretch marks and superficial veins can also be effectively treated with an appropriate device or medical procedure.

Excess Fat and Cellulite Excess fat and cellulite reduction programs will contour your body to the more flattering shape that you desire. We are trained and equipped to perform external contouring procedures using the ‘AEROFAT’, ‘ALICE’ and ‘LUNA’ machines. We also offer the more invasive liposuction treatments with the Body Jet Water Assisted System and the Euromi (Tickle Lipo) machines.

Skin Tightening Skin Tightening in various parts of the body can be achieved with our radio frequency device (QUAD Bipolar RF machine) and skin needling (DermaRoller) treatments.

Body Augmentation Body Augmentation with dermal fillers and fat transfer procedures will help sculpt your body to the more appealing look you’ve always wanted.

Receding Hairline If your hairline is receding or thinning, then our hair restoration treatment program could be just for you. A combination of medical and surgical treatment options can be used to achieve great results. We use the ‘Medicamat’ Follicular Unit Extraction and Re-implantation method for surgical hair transplantation procedures.

To assess the nature and extent of your concerns and to consider what options are available for you to improve the condition and appearance of your skin, simply contact us to book a first consultation with us.

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